Just what is this Bay Colony Media company all about anyway?

We’re all about exceptional photography, fly fishing, and recreating in the great outdoors – as part of our business plan! Personal notes, insight and input into this lifestyle are what you’ll find in the BCBlog.  As a visual media company, there will be a heavy dose of video and still images; behind-the-scenes silliness, stunning imagery and out-takes – shared with equal billing. Yes, lots of fish-stuff too, but mostly we’re travel-focused, including regional interests for discerning anglers, concierge-pieces, equipment reviews, flies that work, fly and non-fly folk, fiction and non-fiction based writing…. Quick jaunts of prose from time to time; something to be tied together later, perhaps whip-finished with a coat of head-cement to seal the deal if we’re lucky enough…

We hope you enjoy this blog, our photos and that you’ll share us with your friends, co-workers or anyone seeking outstanding photography services!

Stay tuned….

The Bay Colony Crew

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